Congratulations to the winners of the Community Patrols of New Zealand – NTS2012 National Raffle. The Raffle was drawn on 23 June 2012, under supervision of a Police Officer, in accordance with the Gambling Act.

All winners have been notified. CPNZ would like to thank all participants for their support, which is greatly appreciated.

1st Toyota Car Ticket 03595 winner in Taita, Lower Hutt
2nd 4s iPhone Ticket 05494 winner in Balclutha
3rd Monad Package Ticket 03240 winner in Greytown
4th Air NZ Holiday voucher Ticket 00575 winner in Thames
5th Trinity Hotel package Ticket 07906 winner in Seatoun, Wellington
6th NZSO package Ticket 03766 winner in Stokes Valley


Community patrollers meet - 25 June 2011


December 2010

We have pleasure in announcing the appointment of our National Operations Officer.

This is indeed a special announcement as it heralds the beginning of what I think of, as phase two, in the development of CPNZ.

Such an appointment offers a wide scope of opportunities for the advancement of CPNZ. And the effectiveness of our Patrols around New Zealand.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry Of Justice, the National Operation Officer position, is a full time role.

Thanks to the support of New Zealand Police, Office space has been made available for two staff to operate out of Wellington Police Headquarters.

In any position it is the quality of the person that is the most important factor.

We are fortunate to have found this in the form of a current long serving Police Officer.

I know you will join with us, as we congratulate, DAVE ROSS for being appointed to this Position.

Officer Ross has worked alongside CPNZ serving on the National Council for a number of years as Wellington’s police Liaison officer

We are delighted that Dave has chosen to take up the position.

Dave will commence his new duties with CPNZ on the 21st February 2011.

This notice can be circulated to your Patrollers.

It is hard to convey just how excited we are, to move our organization to this level.

Kind Regards

Robert Fowler, Chairman Community Patrols New Zealand


Dec 2010

201012-Robert-Police-Assn.jpgCPNZ Chairman Robert Fowler was given a warm reception when he spoke recently at the 75th Annual Conference of the Police Association.

"We are the NZ Police's biggest support team and we are proud of all the work they do. We really are their number one fans," Mr Fowler told conference delegates.

Association President Greg O'Connor said CPNZ should be seen as a very important part of the policing environment.

"These guys are absolutely complimentary to what we do. It's not a threat, it's 'as well as'. It's never instead of, and that's why we have always embraced it," he said.

Photo and story courtesy of NZ Police Association Police News



Community patrollers around New Zealand were saddened to hear of the sudden death of Dallas Crampton on Sunday 28 June while holidaying with his family in Greytown. Dallas was 46.

Dallas was a regular at National Training Seminars. Patrollers who attended the 2008 National Training Seminar will remember the inspirational presentations made by Dallas and members of his Waitangirua Action Group graffiti removal programme. Dallas had other commitments and was only able to make it to the first day of the National Training Seminar this year.

Dallas was the Community Safety Project Manager employed by the Porirua Healthy Safer City Trust. His role included managing the Porirua Community Guardians, coordinating Porirua City's application for World Health Organisation accreditation as a 'Safe Community' (achieved in 2008) and managing the Waitangirua Action Group graffiti removal programme. He was an avid supporter of safe urban design principles, advocating and implementing changes to enhance community safety. With a building background, Dallas studied horticulture and landscaping prior to joining the New Zealand Police where he worked for 18 years and was a sergeant. Dallas had a Diploma in Police Studies and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

A service to celebrate Dallas' life was held in the Elim Church in Porirua on Friday 3 July. The Porirua Community Guardians turned out in their distinctive green jackets and their banner was proudly displayed on the stage. Tributes to the packed congregation included Mayor Jenny Brash. The family asked that donations in lieu of flowers be made to the Porirua Community Guardians.


10th Anniversary Training Seminar – 25th to 27th June – Taupo.

We would like to extend our thanks to those who have registered as the numbers are looking very good at the moment. The Bayview Wairakei Resort is running out of rooms so we suggest you book as soon as possible to secure a place at the venue. Please don’t forget that the Copthorne is available and we will have a shuttle running from that resort on a daily basis. Both accommodation forms are available on the website.

We requested all those travelling by air to let us know flight details by the 5 May but we are willing to extend that until 15 May as we have to let those concerned know numbers that will require transport. If you have not already done so please let us know your flight details.

It is also important to let us know if you are bringing a partner with you to the seminar so that we can either add that person to transport required as well as the dinner(s) (which will be at your own expense). Prices are $50 for the Friday night and $57.50 for the Saturday night. This will have to be paid prior to the dinners.

We have a Cabernet show on Friday and a good band on Saturday to keep those feet tapping. Afterwards, for those “nightowls”, Taupo CBD has some good watering holes to network at.

We have a number of tourist attractions giving discounts so I suggest you bring your togs for the hot thermal pools and your courage for the Cliffhanger and Bungy Jump.

A last reminder to let us have any photographs of your group over the years as well as any members who have passed on so that they can be remembered.

We look forward to seeing you all in June.

NTS 2010 Committee


A round of golf has been organised with a 10.30am start on Thursday 24 June at the Wairakei International Golf Course for $100 per golfer which includes a cart half-share. This is below Wairakei’s going rate and represents very good value on a high quality golf course. Some refreshments will be provided between halves.

40 golfers to have first option to participate for $20 each in a Night Owl tournament on the little Wairakei golf course. Fairways and greens will be lit and golfers will use glow balls in what will be the first ever night time golf played at Wairakei.



Hello Fellow Patrollers

CPNZ will be launching projects to educate the general public of the Volunteer work that is being done all over New Zealand. Over the years Patrollers work has earned the respect of Police and Government. But the general Public know little of our contribution to the Countries safer communities.
Operation Shield the Nation will see at the entrance of towns all over the country, our CPNZ logo. Just as we are used to seeing Rotary, Lions and other organizations Logos. Our Logo will now be placed beside them.

We advise that the Pukekohe Patrol and the Nelson Patrol have changed their patrol names to Nelson Community Patrol and Pukekohe Community Patrol.


BP have advised a contribution of $6500 worth of petrol vouchers. We are very grateful to BP for this support.


The National Training Seminar in Wanganui was a great success for CPNZ. This was supported by over fifty Police delegates, and attended by Hon Simon Power, Minister of Justice, Commissioner of Police Howard Broad, the Mayor of Wanganui Michael Laws, Wanganui Member of Parliament Chester Borrows, Police Association President Greg O’Connor, Central Districts Commander Russell Gibson, and Area Commander Duncan Macleod.

Some 250 delegates enjoyed and participated in National Training Seminar 2009.


To be held in Taupo on the 25th, 26th and 27th June 2010. Venue to be the Bayview Wairakei Resort, Taupo. This NTS will mark CPNZ tenth anniversary, so it will be very special.


This DVD tells the story of the aims and purposes of a Community Patrol. It is very handy for explaining to new recruits and members of the public, and also valuable for assisting in securing sponsorship. Available free of charge from the CPNZ office.


A handy web site for checking car registrations - http://www.carjam.co.nz


Epsom Community Patrol (Newmarket), Morningside-Kingsland Community Patrol (Balmoral)


- New appointments; District rep Officers: Welcome to Garry Miller, (Blockhouse Bay) Graeme Mills (Tauranga South), Garry Thompson (Nelson). Executive Officers: Welcome to Dorothy Symes (Wanganui) Barney Bowen (Mercury Bay). A special note of thanks and farewell from the National Council to Denis Hanratty.
NATIONAL COUNCIL MEETINGS - November 21st 2009. Patrollers are welcome to attend and observe. Please contact the Secretary for details.
NEW CPNZ TREASURER - We are pleased to advise David Holroyd (Taupo) has taken on the post of Treasurer.
These Key notes are bullet points only. Full details from the CPNZ Office.
I wish you all safe and successful Patrolling.
Robert Fowler, Chairman
Community Patrols New Zealand
2009 CPNZ National Training Seminar


Patrol Reports (6078 KB, PPT)
Assumptions (156 KB, PPT) and The trouble with my sister (20 KB, DOC)
Communications (7141 KB, PDF) plus handout (217 KB, PDF),
CPNZ Raffle Results

1st Prize 06395 (Hamilton)
2nd 01002 (Papakura)
3rd 01561 (Mt. Wellington)
4th 05833 (Taupo)
5th 08630 (Dunedin)
6th 06113 (Taupo)
7th 02084 (Papakura)
8th 03340 (Hamilton)
9th 10705 (Wanganui)
10th 09228 (Rotorua)
All Prize Winners have been notified.
Thank you for supporting your local Community Patrol.
The night has eyes

2 May 2009
John McCrone
Mainland feature writer
The Press - Christchurch
Without pause, another policeman is telling of a group of irate women demanding entry to a central city bar. We can hear their banshee shrieking in the background as he laconically describes the scene to the girl in the control room. I catch some comment about pepper spraying a couple of them. The shrieks increase.
Back on channel 1, the radio is reporting a three-car rear-ender at the lights. Magically, a few seconds later, we round the corner into Harper Avenue and there it is before our eyes. Bent cars at odd angles. Passengers and drivers in their separate huddles, looking lost.
We sail past. I am learning Community Watch does not have time for rubbernecking. It has its own job to do and really is not a surrogate police force.
Another laconic report on the radio. Apparently a gang of 12 skinheads are storming the party of students we saw earlier in Wainui Street. Knives observed. The team policing unit - a roving van with the batons and riot gear - has been called in.
Trouble seems to be breaking out everywhere we are not, I remark. All we are getting to see is mostly deserted streets. But we are doing our scheduled checks, says Parfitt. Again, that is our job.
We spot an abandoned supermarket trolley on the verge. Jill notes its location on her clipboard. Another small service of the Community Watch. It records the new graffiti, missing street signs, burst water mains, derelict cars, broken street lights. Lets the appropriate people know the next morning.
Don't you ever get any real action, I ask? Parfitt says they had to help the police cordon off Riccarton Rd the other week when kids left a shopping trolley on the tracks and stopped the train.
Parfitt confesses he has never actually caught a tagger in the act. They are too slippery. But he often arrives at the scene with the paint still wet, some youths looking shifty.
He and Jill have had their moments. There were the four boys and girls they spotted with a large suitcase at a bus stop in Fendalton. The boys were wearing jackets and ties. They could have been tourists headed for the airport.
But Parfitt has a nose for the suspicious. There had been a local break- in. He parked up at a suitable distance and called the police to make the arrests.
At night-time, the streets are full of watching eyes, really, says Parfitt. There are the taxi drivers, the security firms, the tow truck operators. They know when things are out of place, when the police should be alerted.
Well past midnight, we give Wharenui primary a last once-over and also drive down Wainui St. No sign of skinheads or police. The garden bonfire is just glowing embers.
Jill, who is more experienced at interpreting police radio shorthand, tells me it was two parties on facing sides of the road getting entangled. A bit of lip followed by some teeth-baring, most probably. Nothing major.
For Christchurch, it has been a quiet Friday night, says Parfitt. Certainly nothing that will make any newspaper headlines tomorrow.
We turn into the Parfitt's own street just in time to see a boy racer pull up and a passenger stagger towards the nearest bushes with a determined look. Jill laughs. We know what he needs to do, she says.
Parfitt casts a playful spotlight over the lad as he fumbles for his fly. Now come on Geoff, says Jill, it really is time for our own beds.
Parfitt says it is just to let him know someone is watching. The blundering beasts of the night, the meandering 1K-ed herd, needs to be kept gently reminded that the city has not entirely been given over to them once the sun has set. Even if it sometimes sounds like it.
A WATCHFUL EYE - Riccarton Community Watch
According to the census, 12.5 per cent of Christchurch residents do some kind of voluntary service.
The age of Riccarton Community Watch volunteers ranges from 18 to 80.
With nearly 300 streets in its patch of Christchurch, RCW has 140km of road to patrol.
Over eight years, RCW reported 7000 abandoned supermarket trollies, 76 stolen cars and 2300 malfunctioning street lights.
Community Watch training includes a defensive driving course, first-aid and use of a police radio
Message to all CPNZ Patrollers, Police and other parties

23 April 2009
A TV ONE Close Up programme aired on Monday night (20 April), regarding prostitutes in Papatoetoe, described the two men involved as a community patrol.
The men have no affiliation or connection to our organisation.
The conduct of these two men harassing prostitutes and citizens, in the manner shown, is unacceptable.
I have been in contact with Close Up and they clarified the position on Tuesday night but not everyone will have seen it so I call on all involved with CPNZ to communicate this message.
Robert Fowler
Community Patrols New Zealand
Papakura Community Crimewatch Patrol donates car to Maori Wardens

8 April 2009

Community patrol chairperson Colin Lowry [right] hands over the keys to
Maori warden co-chairperson Richard Noble.
The Papakura Community Crimewatch Patrol donated a car to the Papakura Marae Maori Wardens last Tuesday April 7.
Patrol Chairperson Colin Lowry said the patrol committee chose to give the car to the Maori wardens because they do complementary patrol work.
The donated car is a 1984 Datsun Bluebird which was originally donated to the Community patrol by local family the Closey’s.
The keys were presented by Mr Lowry to Maori warden co-chairpersons Richard Noble and Stewart Walker (Ngawaka).
Mr Noble wished to thank the Community patrol and the Closey family on behalf of the Maori Wardens.
“It’s a very rare thing today, for so many community groups to cooperate and come together like this,” he said.
The car will improve the mobility of warden patrols and their scoping ability to identify hotspots, he said.
Mr Walker said the car will be the only vehicle owned by the Maori wardens, with existing patrols being performed on foot or in one of the warden’s personal vehicles.
Acting Police Area Commander Inspector Gary Hill said he had noticed the community spirit of Papakura since transferring to the area recently.
The multi-agency approach to tackling crime in Papakura by the Community patrol, Maori wardens and the general public enabled the police to be more effective, he said.
“The more eyes and ears out there, the better opportunity we have to prevent and suppress crime.”
The Community patrol was recently given a council grant to buy a new vehicle, leaving them with a spare.

Hokitika Community Patrol presented with the Organisation of the Year
Award 2009 by Westland District Council. Holding the certificate is
Community Constable Mark Watson, the Police liaison officer for the
The Hokitika Community Patrol was presented with the Organisation of the Year Award for 2009 by the Westland District Council Thursday morning 16 April 2009. Her Worship the Mayor Maureen Pugh presented the award to the Chair of the local committee Frances Stapleton in recognition of the achievement. Only some members of the patrol were able to be present although the Hokitika Patrol now has 19 members. The Mayor commended the patrol for the work it had done since its inception in December 2007 and congratulated the patrol for their committment to making the patrol a reality.
Derek Blight
Community Services Officer

Kath Fowler - Community Crusader, Kapi Mana News, April 2009
John Key donates car to community

7 April 2009
Prime Minister John Key has donated a very smart Holden Calais to a community patrol for the Helensville electorate
A car donated by John Key has given a kick start to a community patrol aimed at preventing crime in his Helensville electorate.
Sergeant Mike Colson says the thirty volunteers are undergoing training at the moment and he hopes they will be able to start before the end of April. But he says they would not be able to do that without a car, so they were fortunate to get the Prime Minister's very smart Holden Calais VX.
He says it is the envy of all community patrols.

Western Bay of Plenty Patrols Dinner
A dinner at Buretta Park Motor Inn, which was organised by Charles Harrison, was attended by 53 delegates from Tauranga, Tauranga South, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, and Katikati. 4 Police officers from the district also attended. The patrollers got to meet each other and swop ideas and they are keen to get together on a regular basis in a relaxed atmosphere.
Boost for crime patrols, Howick and Botany Times, 4 March 2009
Night Watch Nelson Car Rally a great success, Feb 2009