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Establishment of Guardian Angels chapter in West Auckland

There has been some publicity recently given to the intention of Mr Andrew Cawston to establish a chapter of Guardian Angels in West Auckland. Guardian Angels are a United States based community organisation that patrols public transport, provides violence prevention seminars and anti-bullying programmes in schools. The organisation is established in some other countries.

CPNZ has met with Mr Cawston. His motivation is admirable. Guardian Angels are interested, the same as CPNZ, in preventing crime. However Mr Cawston has suggested that the Guardian Angels could be prepared to use force to detain offenders or deter criminal activity. "This is not how community patrols operate and in the longer term is unlikely to find favour with either the police or community," suggests CPNZ chairperson Neil Sole.

CPNZ sees its role as working to assist police as "eyes and ears" and not deliberately confronting offenders. That is a police role that community patrols are not trained or authorised in law to do.

CPNZ wishes Mr Cawston well with his initiative and would be happy to talk with any other group in West Auckland interested in establishing a community patrol.