Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Newsletter #4

Congratulations..... You are one of the 141 registered persons for TTT. We have representation from 120 Community Patrols and we are delighted that you have chosen to be part of this inaugural team of people.

So here’s the programme. Most of the transport arrangements have now been made and the National Office will confirm your travel details shortly. We have been planning for everyone to arrive into Wellington on the morning of Friday 27th September. You will be met by National Council members, look for the CPNZ banner in the baggage claim area. Grab your bag and we will have a bus standing by for your transport to the Police College.

On arrival at the Police College, you will be checking in for your accommodation and pick up of your Trainers bag, jacket, information and lunch. Friday is Police memorial day so there will be lots of people coming and going. All National Council members and facilitators will be wearing CPNZ arm bands and available to answer your questions and offer any assistance if required.

Your weekend taken care of.....

Starting at 3pm on the Friday, our official opening will begin. After dinner we will have a guest speaker to kick off the programme with an estimated finish to the day at 8pm.

Breakfast is served from 8am on the Saturday morning and will be followed by a full programme of learning but with plenty of breaks and time for networking. The programme is estimated to finish at 7.15pm.

Once again breakfast is served at 8am on Sunday morning. With the first session starting at 8.45am, the official closing at 12noon, followed by lunch and then homebound.

For those members arriving in private vehicles parking will be available in the barracks carpark. You will be given further information on this from the National Office. 

Some tips to help make your weekend great...

 The Police College is on a hill. While we will be supplying a shuttle van which will offer transport to and from the barracks as it is all up hill from the central area, obviously if you can we will be encouraging you to walk. Ladies – flat shoes would be advisable. What goes up must come down.... It’s down hill back to the main College seminar, workshop and dining rooms.

The Police College has a “tidy dress” policy and we encourage you to dress appropriately and comfortably as there will be some periods of time sitting in a workshop environment.

And, Wellington is famous for wind. Please be prepared for cold weather, wind and rain.

All linen and towels are supplied but you will need your own toiletries. Every room has a working panel heater and each barrack room (which has 5 single rooms) has a shower and 2 toilets. Tea and coffee is available in each of the barrack rooms so you will be well catered for.

And yes—there is a fully licensed bar on site which will be open for your use after both the Friday and Saturday evening sessions finish. And for anyone who needs more food or fancy’s a chocolate bar, there is a café on site providing any other food, toiletry needs or flash coffee that you may require.

Get excited..... Because we are. I am looking forward to sharing this amazing programme with you all and together we will build a solid future for CPNZ. 

Newsletter #3

Hi everyone...... well what a fabulous response we have had to the TTT programme. We currently have 80 registrations with more coming in each day.

Over 50 registrations were re-ceived from NTS and speaking of NTS, if you weren’t there.... You missed out on something special. Start planning now for next year in Nelson.

So, if you have not registered your patrol trainer yet for TTT... I suggest you get on to it very quickly. Firstly, registrations will close on 16th August and we have a list of people who would like to attend but don’t meet the criteria. Many patrols have asked if they can send a second person and some districts have people on stand-by hoping to send a few extra people to become District Trainers.

And secondly, why would you not want to be part of this excellent opportunity. 

And just to add a third bullet point..... It’s FREE.

This week, the planning committee have ordered bags, writing pads, pens, certificates, jackets and lots of other surprises.

We’ve been talking to the Police College and booking everyone in for B & B & B. That’s Bed, breakfast and beer. And add to that lunches and dinner and we should be sorted.

And the B for Beer—there is a bar at the Police College and while we will not be shouting, at the close of each evening the cash bar will be open for that hour of relaxing before a good nights sleep in your comfortable accommodation.

We are also in the process of confirming our special guests and speakers and I’m excited. 

After the 16th August, Newsletters will be sent to all registered people directly and we will start to share the programme with you, kit lists and everything else you will need to know.

Airfares are going to be booked shortly so if you wish to change your travel arrangements to Wellington, please let us know asap. Obviously we will be trying to get the cheapest travel arrangements possible so that will mean that air tickets will not be refundable or interchangeable. E-mail or phone Dave Ross at the National Office if you wish to discuss any special requests you may have.

We hope to have everyone in Wellington on the Friday morning, get everyone registered, have some lunch and start the opening session at 3pm.

Be prepared for all weather and the Police College is built on a hill so high heels are not advisable. Remember to pack your CPNZ ID card. Don’t have one—that’s another training opportunity. 

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Hello again, Following on from our news that we are about to launch a National training pro- gramme, copies of that information is available in your NTS bags and on the TTT stand (or by viewing on the CPNZ website) we are excited to continue to share more information over the coming weeks.

So... have you decided who will attend from your patrol?

By completing the registration form available in your NTS bag and at the TTT stand you will be providing us with enough information so that we can co-ordinate your members travel to Wellington, their welcome and transport at the Wellington airport and their very posh ac- commodation at the Police College (at CPNZ’s expense). The National Council team will be working with you every step of the way. With one person travelling from every patrol in New Zealand, you will have friends with you from start to finish.

For those that are driving directly to the venue, we will provide you with exact details of what to expect on arrival.

Registrations close on August 16th 2013. This will enable us to make sure we have every thing booked and scheduled specifically for your needs. Leading up to the TTT weekend, we will keep in touch and provide you with further information about the training weekend. We will book your flights, arrange your accommodation and make sure you get fed. An exciting weekend programme is planned and we will share this information in future newsletters. 

So.... What do you do now. If your patrol has a Patrol Trainer (who is not a police officer) then you are all set. That person will be the person who should attend this training weekend. If your Patrol Trainer is not available for that weekend, choose someone else that would be interested in learning all about this programme and sharing it further with your patrol and working in tandem with your Patrol Trainer. If you do not have a Patrol Trainer—then it’s a good time to have a look for the right person to take on this role.


What skills do they need? A good knowledge of being a Community Patroller would be a good start.

How much computer knowledge is required? A little or a lot... it is manageable. For those people who have limited computer skills, that part can ob- viously be shared with someone else. All actions will have helpful advice.

Are you going to tell us how to do our job? No... We are going to share the vision and the future of CPNZ.

Will this programme be aligned to NZQA? No.... Not at this stage. Many of our patrollers are not interested in NZQA standards and we acknowledge that. So nothing to worry about, no tests, no exams, just sharing a common goal.

What will this cost us? Nothing. Except your time and personal purchases (ie; in the bar). 

Registration forms available at NTS and by clicking the link below.

Train the Trainer Registration Form

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10th May 2013

Community Patrols of New Zealand have undertaken to launch a national training programme, designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of our many volunteers. With Health and Safety in mind, this training programme meets the requirements as set down in the CPNZ Procedures & Rules and the commitment alerted to in the Memorandum of Understanding with the NZ Police.

In conjunction with this commitment, every Community Patrol in New Zealand is required to name a patrol member as their Patrol Trainer. Obviously this person needs the knowledge and skills in order to achieve the intention of this position.

Every Patrol Trainer is therefore invited to join the National Council team in Wel- lington during the last weekend of September. Spend 2 nights at the Police College and network with other Patrol Trainers while learning and sharing information on how to make your role easier and beneficial to all.

Every attending member will receive a FREE hi-viz jacket and if you register your Patrol Trainer at NTS, you will also receive a FREE CPNZ beanie or cap.

So join us in this journey as we create a consistency of training across all of our Community Patrols.

For all enquiries refer to your District Representative or the National Office or visit our information stand at NTS. 

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