27-29 June 2014

Nelson looks forward to being your hosts for NTS 2014.


Please visit the Nelson Tasman Training Seminar website to find out more.


The NTS 2014 Newsletter is now available for download, as is the 2014 registration form.

NTS 2014 Newsletter 6 [PDF901KB]

NTS 2014 Newsletter 5 [PDF 873KB]

NTS 2014 Newsletter 4 [PDF 430KB]

NTS 2014 Newsletter 3 [PDF 710KB]

NTS 2014 Newsletter 2 [PDF 484 KB]

NTS 2014 Newsletter [PDF 774 KB]

Instructions for submitting the 2014 Registration Form

Download and save the file to your desktop and then open the file using Acrobat. Please do not use any other programme to complete the form, as in testing the form, I found other pdf readers gave problems when submitting forms. This is most important for those of you using Mac computers. We recommend that you use the latest version of Acrobat. You can download it for free from the link below or the link contained within the form itself.

When you submit your form through Acrobat, Acrobat should tell you in a little pop up that your file has been sent. If I do not receive a submitted file from you I will contact you to try and work out whats happened.

Dinner and the WOW vist costs are included in the full registration, but if you are not attending
the full seminar please full in the the dinner and WOW boxes.
Download the form then open it in Acrobat Reader.

When you are finished, click Submit to return your data to Nelson Tasman NTS 2014.

NTS 2014 Registration Form - Revised [PDF 2.1 MB]


Get the free latest version of Adobe Reader from: