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Contestable Funding Round 5 closed on 14 March 2014.  All acknowledged applications are currently with the Contestable Funding Committee for full assessment.

All Applicants will be advise of the result of their application by 30 April 2014.  Enquiries can be sent to


For the year 2012-13, CPNZ is currently negotiating with Ministry of Justice for renewing this contract. However, in anticipation of renewal and in order to maximise uptake of the funding should the contract be renewed, CPNZ invites applications for Contestable funding Round 3.

Closing date for all applications for Round 3 is Friday 30 October 2012.

Community Patrols of New Zealand would like to invite applications for this Contestable Funding.

You can apply if you are an affiliated Community Patrol. All applications need to fit with the CPNZ guidelines.

You can download the application here:

Application Form FR3 Word Doc, 163KB4.

Application Form FR3 Guidelines Word Doc, 90KB5.

Application Form FR3 Checklist Word Doc, 68KB.

If you have queries about your eligibility, need more information or need guidance to fill out the application contact your District Representative.


For the year 2011-12, Ministry of Justice contracted Community Patrols of New Zealand to allocate funding to affiliated Community Patrols through a contestable funding process.


Applicants are advised that whilst negotiations are under way, there is no guarantee that CPNZ will be contracted to manage these funds. The application process is commencing in spite of this uncertainty in order to provide maximum benefit should the management of Contestable Funding by CPNZ be renewed in the coming year.

CPNZ accepts no responsibility or liability for applications made under Contestable Funding for the year 2012-13 should the contract with Ministry of Justice not be renewed.

By applying for Contestable Funds at this time and until confirmation of contract renewal is provided, applicants are agreeing to submit applications with the knowledge that funds may not be available at the end of this process and contract negotiation.

Each District Representative Officer have information on previous funding rounds.

Information is also available from the National Office in Wellington.