The following discounts are available to CPNZ Members.


As announced at NTS 2008, NZ Safety has agreed to supply all affiliated Community Patrols with safety equipment and clothing at rates similar to what they supply to the NZ Government. This arrangement allows major savings to patrols.

  • By agreement with NZ Safety there will be no credit accounts

entered into between CPNZ and NZ Safety. All purchases are to be cash sales, credit card or cheque.

  • When purchasing from NZ Safety patrollers MUST present their

CPNZ ID card.

  • NZ Safety has loaded into its computers details of pricing and

procedures pertaining to the arrangement between CPNZ and NZ Safety.

  • NZ Safety will also provide quotes to patrols applying for grants

and sponsorships from funding providers. NZ Safety has the ability to print or embroider the CPNZ logo on any clothing etc that patrols purchase. This will be at extra cost and may delay delivery of the purchased clothing or equipment.

The location of NZ Safety branches can be found under the Contact tab on their internet site

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